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You may wish to add links to files to your program page. For example, you might wish to add a link to a brochure PDF for your program to the page. We encourage programs to host such files on their own websites so that they can easily update them, but you are welcome to host such files in APSA's database. This tutorial will describe how to link to an uploaded file. This can be difficult to do, so please do not hesitate to contact APSA if you have any questions about adding files to your program pages.

If you have a file you want to add to a page, you should go to that page and (after logging in), click to edit the page. Refer to the Entry Editing Tutorial for more on how to do that.

File Info Page

When you upload a file, you are taken to the page about that file. Make a note of the filename (the blue text just below the icon or image of the file). In this case, I am using a journal article from 1998.
File information page, including the filename (in blue under the PDF icon).
If you cannot find the file or do not remember its name, you can search for it. Enter as much of the filename or file summary that you wrote into the search box in the upper right of any page. Hit enter or click the magnifying glass to search. On the search results page, select Multimedia to see all uploaded files that match your search terms. One of them should be your file.

Adding your file

Once you have your file name, go to the page you want to insert it in. I am editing a test page to do this for our example PDF. I want to have the word "link" point to my uploaded file. To do this, I highlight the text by dragging my cursor over it. Next, I click the little symbol that looks like a chain link. It is between the italicized and underlined A and the Cite options in the edit menu.

Getting ready to link to your file.

Finding the File

This is where knowing the filename is important. When you click the chain link icon, you will be presented with the Link menu. If you type "File:" and then start typing your filename, you will be presented with a Matching page that is your file. Click the appropriate matching page (if there is more than one) and it will be added to the Link box. Now, click the Done button and your link is inserted!

Inserting a link to your file.

File Linked

Your file should now be linked. If you need to edit the link, just highlight the linked word again and click the chain link icon to be taken to the Link window, where you can remove or change the link.