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This tutorial will describe how to add an image that you have already uploaded to a page. This can be difficult to do, so please do not hesitate to contact APSA if you have any questions about adding images or files to your program pages. To add a file to a page, refer to the Add File to Page Tutorial.

If you have an image you want to add to a page, you should go to that page and (after logging in), click to edit the page. Refer to the Entry Editing Tutorial for more on how to do that.

Inserting an Image

Once you are in the Editor, you will see an option at the top of the page called Insert. If you place your mouse cursor over it, one of the options is called Media.

Insert menu in the Editor.

Finding Your Image

If you click Media, you will be taken to the Media settings window. In the search box, type part of the name or description of your file. This is where adding information to the Summary box of your file when you upload it can be very helpful. In this case, I want to insert the APSA logo, so I searched for "APSA". The last item in the list is the one I want.

Browsing for your image.

Editing Image Caption

When you click on the image you want, you will be taken to the Media settings page just for that image. Here, you can enter a caption (to be shown below the image) and alternative text. Alternative text is used by screen readers for the visually-impaired so they can interpret images. It is optional, as are captions.

Both of these are under the General settings tab, seen on the left of the box.

Editing your inserted image caption.

The second tab choice, Advanced settings, allows you to customize how your image appears. You can change where it is positioned, if it has a frame, what size it will be, and so on. By default, large images will be shrunk, requiring viewers to click on them to see the full image (just like the images in this tutorial).

Advanced settings for images.

Image Inserted

Select Insert (the green button in the upper right) when you are ready to see your image appear on the page.

Image inserted on page.

Editing an Inserted Image

If you decide you want to change these settings once you insert the image, fear not. Just double-click on the image you insert d or click once on it and then click the name of the image that appears to get back to the edit menu.

Editing an inserted image.