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Editing your program's entry in the APSA database is straightforward, even if you have no experience editing a Wiki. This tutorial describes the basics of editing pages in the APSA database. If you have questions that this tutorial does not answer, please contact APSA and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Those with Wiki editing experience are more than welcome to utilize Wikicode rather than the VisualEditor. For questions about using Wikicode, please see one of the Wikimedia Foundation's tutorials (e.g. Wiki formatting reference).

Getting Started - Log In

When you first visit a page on the APSA database, it will look very much like the below screenshot (click the image to enlarge it).
Database page, logged-out screenshot
View of an APSA database page while logged-out
Notice how the options available at the top of the page (in the blue box) do not include a button labeled "Edit". This means that you are not logged in. APSA requires that anyone editing the database be a registered user. Registration is free and simple; visit the new user creation form to sign up. Once you have signed up and are logged-in, visiting a page should look like the below screenshot.
Database page, logged-in screenshot
View of an APSA database page while logged-in

Open the Editor

Now, an "Edit" button is present at the top of the page. Click that button to begin editing the page. You will see the page change slightly, with an animated progress bar appearing at the upper-right of the page (see the arrow in the below screenshot demonstrates).

Please note that if you are not seeing the 'Edit' button, it is likely one of two issues: (1) You are not logged in or (2) you are using a browser that does not support JavaScript. Try updating your browser to the newest version of Chrome, Firefox or Safari. If you are using Internet Explorer, make sure it is at least version 10.

Loading VisualEditor screenshot
Appearance of a page when the VisualEditor is loading

Edit Options

Processing may take a few seconds. Once complete, you will see several options appear in a bar at the top of the page. Among those are the following (numbers refer to the screenshot below this list):

  1. Paragraph/heading format choice - you can change the format of text using this menu, setting headings, subheadings, and the like
  2. Change the formatting of text, such as underlining or bolding, using this menu item
  3. You can add a hyperlink to a page or file using this button. If you highlight a portion of the text on the page and then click this button, it will allow you to type in a link and cause the highlighted text to point to that link
  4. Citations allow you to build references that can be listed in a References List elsewhere in the document. This could be useful if you want to add a statistic, fact, or quote in your page and do not want to link the entire text of the fact or quote, as the reference system will add a superscript letter at the end of each referenced item
  5. You can insert a numbered or bulleted list using this menu item
  6. You can insert media (which requires uploading first), reference list, special characters, and other items with this drop-down menu
Screenshot of VisualEditor with numbered menu items
Labeled menu items in the VisualEditor

Editing Infoboxes

If your page has an infobox on the right, you can edit that as well. If you hover your mouse cursor over it, it will appear blue, as shown in the below screenshot.

Highlighted infobox screenshot
Highlighted infobox

Clicking the infobox brings up a clickable button in the upper-right of the infobox, as shown below in the blue box.

Screenshot of infobox with edit button
To edit the infobox, click this button

If you click that button, you are presented with a box that allows you to edit the individual fields of the infobox. None are requires, so complete any and all that you wish to. Click apply changes to see your edits in the infobox. You will still need to save the page to save your changes.

Editing the infobox screenshot
Editing the infobox

That concludes the basics of editing tutorial.