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You may wish to add a file or image to your program page. This could include a photo of your program director, your institutional logo, or a PDF program brochure. Separate tutorials will describe how to add images or files to your program page.

Getting Started - Upload File Page Link

You may have noticed that images and other files are present on some pages. For example, some program pages have photos of the program director.

Example of a photo on a program page.

To upload a photo or other file, you need to visit the Upload File page. If you are logged in, this page will appear as a link on the left hand side of every page under the Tools menu area. You can also find it by visiting

The Upload File page link is on the left just below Related Changes

The Upload File Page

Once you have found the Upload File page, you have several options available. In the Source File box, you can browse for the file you want to upload by clicking the Choose File button. The maximum file size is 28 MB. Many file types are permitted, including PDF, JPEG, PNG, GIF, DOC, and others.

The Upload File page
Once you have chosen a file, a preview will appear if that file is an image. If it is not an image, the filename will appear next to the Choose FIle button. In this case, I have chosen the APSA Logo image.
A file has been selected and is visible on the page.

Setting File Attributes

You can also edit different properties of the file. For example, if you want to rename the file when it is uploaded, you can scroll down and set a different Destination filename in the File description box. You can also add a description of the file under Summary. You should add text in the summary to describe your file and any copyright restrictions on it. Describing your file well will help you to find it when you need to add it. For example, if you are uploading your institutional logo, you might want to type "University of the Earth Logo".

Editing file description and name fields

Other license options are available if the work you are uploading fits one of these licenses. For works that are copyright and do not allow reuse, you should say this in the Summary.

License options for uploaded files.

File Uploaded

Once you are done editing your file attributes and click the Upload file button at the bottom of the Upload file page, you will be taken to the page for your uploaded file.

From here, you can edit or delete the file as needed.

File successfully uploaded