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As a program director, administrator, or other representative, you may wish to monitor your program page and be notified of any changes to it. This tutorial will describe how "watch" a program entry and be notified of changes. If you have any questions about this process, please contact APSA. Please note that you must have confirmed your email address before you can watch your program. Please see the registration tutorial for information on email confirmation.

Watching a Program When Browsing (the Star)

One way to watch a page is to click a small star icon present on all pages. You can find this icon in the upper-right of any page, just below your username and to the left of the search box.

The watch star is in the upper-right of database pages.

Clicking this icon will turn it blue and produce a message confirming that you are watching the page. If you visit a page and the icon is blue, you are watching it. To stop watching a page, simply click on the blue star to turn it clear.

Having clicked on the star, you are now watching this page.

Watching a Program After When Editing

You can also watch a program after editing your page. When you save your changes, you will be presented with a box. One element of that box is a checkbox that allows you to watch future changes. Be certain that box is checked when you save and you will be monitoring your page.

Checking this box will watch the page you are editing. Be certain to save your changes!

Enabling Email Notifications

In order to receive notifications when your program is edited, you must be certain that this feature is enabled in your preferences. To do this, first find your Preferences page. A link to it is present in the upper-right of any page when you are logged in.

Locating the Preferences link.

Click that link to be taken to your preferences page. Once there, be sure you are on the "User Profile" tab.

Ensure that you are on the "User Profile" tab. Click it if not.

Scroll down that page to locate the section titled "Email". In that section, be sure both boxes are checked. You will now receive emails when pages you watch are modified by others.

Options to check to enable watchlist emails.