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''This page currently is not maintained by The Physician Scientist Training Pathway (PSTP) at the program described. As University of Iowa Perhaps unique among such we cannot guarantee programs, the information is complete or up PSTP spans eight clinical departments and offers exceptional clinical and scientific training to datephysician-scientists in fields from dematology to radiation oncology.'' [ Contact APSA for assistance in completing this page]
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== Program Description ==
The UI Carver College of Medicine’s Physician Scientist Training Pathway (PSTP) is designed to streamline the postgraduate training and to foster the early career development of physician-scientists who will be future leaders in academic medicine. The PSTP integrates residency training, clinical fellowship, and basic or clinical postdoctoral research training, thus facilitating the transition period between completion of the MD degree and first faculty position. Key features of this pathway include:
* Career mentorship
* Individualized training for physician-scientists in accredited residency and fellowship programs of the Carver College of Medicine
* Option of research pathways of residency and subspecialty fellowship training in accordance with established criteria for board eligibility if desired by the applicant.
* Flexibility in clinical rotations and research training
* Wide-range of training opportunities in basic or clinical research
* Supplemental stipend for salary and academic allowance
'''Internal Medicine'''
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== Program Information ==
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'''Program Highlights'''
* Length of Program: 5-8Normal Years; Research Track years (if different)* Number of protected research months:* Overall Size: unknownTotal Students; Students Per Year* Research Track Size: unknownTotal Students; unknownStudents Per Year* Separate NRMP Code for Research Pathway: unknownYes/No* Research Opportunities: unknown(Department Only vs. Campus Wide)* Benefits: unknown* Career Development Opportunities: unknownTypes of mentorship, grant writing/funding opportunities, Additional funds for conferences requiring travel, etc
* Job Placement: unkown(Percent in Academic/Private/Industry/Other)* Funding success: unknown(K-awards, R-awards, F-awards, etc)
'''Program Tracks'''
* Internal MedicineIf applicable list research tracks (ie Pathology has AP/CP, AP only, CP only)
'''Pertinent Fellowships'''
* unknownIf applicable, please list clinical fellowships available at your institution that incorporate research as a core element of their training plan.
== Contact Information ==
* Program Director: Joel KlineName, []* Program Administrator: Marian CarsonName, []* Program Email: []* Program Website: [https My Institute's website]* Telephone: (319) 384-4684* Address: 451 Newton RoadName; Street; City, Iowa CityState, IA 52242 zipCode 
== References ==
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