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The University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine is dedicated to fostering the development of physician-scientists. A flagship initiative of the College is the Physician Scientist Training Pathway (PSTP), a program focused on training the next generation of leaders in medicine and science. Perhaps unique among such programs, the PSTP spans eight clinical departments and offers exceptional clinical and scientific training to physician-scientists in fields from dematology to radiation oncology<ref name="PSTP Departments">[ PSTP Participating Departments]</ref>. The PSTP encourages applications from all trainees interested in a physician-scientist career.
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== Program Description ==
The PSTP at the University of Iowa is a multidisciplinary, structured training pathway to facilitate the launch of an academic medical career for aspiring physician-scientists. Eight departments participate in the PSTP<ref name="PSTP Departments">[ PSTP Participating Departments]</ref>:
* Dermatology
* Internal Medicine
== Application Process ==
Each department has its own admissions procedures, and applicants should visit the websites of the participating departments<ref name="PSTP Departments">[ PSTP Participating Departments]</ref> for full details.
Short description of the application process, including information on the interview day(s), supplemental application (if any), and other specific information related to the research pathway application.

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