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University of Maryland Internal Medicine Research Pathway

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<!-- nrmp_number is recommended for easy look up -->
| nrmp_number = 1252140C1 (Research Pathway)
| additional_nrmp_number = 1252140C0 (Categorical Residency)
Applicants invited for interview will complete a 1.5 day interview to include meetings with internal medicine faculty and program leadership as well as subspecialty fellowship faculty and potential research mentors. The interview day is flexible, with the half day able to be scheduled for the morning or afternoon before or after the categorical internal medicine interview day. This interview day will also represent the subspecialty fellowship interview(s).
When using the NRMP system to rank, applicants may use the research pathway number or both the research pathway number and the categorical residency number. Prior to the match, the program will contact applicants to discuss whether they should use one or both numbers, as this is an individual determination for each applicant based on decisions by residency program and fellowship program leadership. The program may offer additional research pathway positions through the main categorical number.
== Program Information ==
* Overall Size: 32 categorical, 4 med-peds, and 2 EM-IM residents per year with 32 preliminary interns
* Research Track Size: 7 total, 1-2 per year
* Separate NRMP Code for Research Pathway: Yes, 1252140C1, but the main categorical program number (1252140C0) may also be used; see above
* Research Opportunities: Campus-wide, not limited to the subspecialty division
* Benefits: All trainees receive the [ benefits] afforded categorical residents, including travel allowances for presentations at national meetings
== Contact Information ==
* Overall Residency Program Director: Susan Wolfsthal, MD, []
* Program Director: Terry Watnick, MD, []
* Program Administrator: Debbie Trust (Internal Medicine Program Coordinator), []
* Program Email: []
* Program Website: [ Research Pathway Website]

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