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=== Pediatrics ===
The Pediatrics residency objective of the University of Iowa Physician Scientist Training Pathway (categorical NRMP 1203320C0PSTP) supports both the Integrated Research Pathway and the Accelerated Research Pathway. In the ARP, the timeline is similar to Internal Medicine, with two years of Pediatrics Residency, 1-2 years of subspecialty promote the training, and three years early career development of protected physician scientists interested in a research time-focused academic career. The Integrated Research Pathway ultimate goal is available and offers with 11 months to foster the career development of research time, but PSTP trainees will undertake far more research during by facilitating and providing mentorship through their protected research timetransition to independence as physician-scientists. It is anticipated that, after completing PSTP residents are also offered the opportunity training, trainees will be highly sought after as candidates for up to 20 weeks (5 blocks of 4 weeks) of faculty positions at academic institutions with a strong research. The overall residency program accepts 15 categorical residents per year. Interested trainees should contact [ Yatin Vyas, MD, MBBS], Director of the Pediatrics PSTPfocus.
The department One identifying feature of our Stead Family Department of Pediatric’s PSTP, is highly active a structured mentoring program that provides the successful launch to a career in academic medicine. Through a defined process of identification and selection of mentors for our Fellows, we have a strong history of successful fellow research mentorships. Along with our national recognition for research success, there are many opportunities for individualized postdoctoral research to trainees on the science of pediatric diseasespath to an academic career. One highlight is  The Pediatrics residency (categorical NRMP 1203320C0) supports both the Integrated Research Pathway (IRP) and the University of Iowa Child Health Accelerated Research Career Development Award Pathway (CHRCDAARP). In the IRP, an NIH-sponsored K12 career development award designed individual does their intern year in clinical medicine followed by second and third years that include up to a total of 10 months of research. In the ARP, the resident completes two years of clinical work, then transitions to support protected a full year of dedicated research time for physician-scientists in pediatrics.  The residency programaccepts 15 categorical residents per year. Individuals interested in the PSTP should contact Yatin Vyas, established in 1990MD, MBBS, has helped 40 junior faculty launch their careers<ref>[ CHRCDA K12 Program]</ref>Director of the Pediatrics PSTP.
=== Neurology ===

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