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Cedars-Sinai Pathology PSTP

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The Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Residency is a four-year, fully accredited program in anatomic and clinical pathology. The program's strength is based on a combination of superb patient care material, faculty subspecialization with strength in anatomic and clinical pathology, sophisticated research programs, and the most advanced instrumentation. The Department runs a centralized service providing total laboratory support to the hospital and has a robust outreach program in anatomic and clinical pathology. Residents participate in all areas of pathology including autopsy and surgical pathology, immunohistochemistry, EM, cytopathology, forensic pathology, clinical chemistry, toxicology, molecular pathology, cytogenetics/HLA, hematology, transfusion medicine, clinical immunology, and all aspects of microbiology and computerized laboratory management.

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== Program Description ==
The Pathology Physician-Scientist Training Program (PSTP) is designed for the MD-PhD or MD graduate who has achieved significant accomplishment in research and demonstrated commitment to pursuing a career combining the clinical practice of pathology with basic or translational science investigation. The Pathology Physician-Scientist Training Program (PSTP) is directed by Kenneth E. Bernstein, M.D and the Pathology Residency Program is directed by Sumire Kitahara, M.D. and Kevin Waters, MD, PhD.
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== Application Process ==
Applications should be submitted through the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) by selecting the Pathology Physician-Scientist Training Program at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Residents will be accepted into the program via the Pathology PSTP-specific NRMP number.

== Program Information ==
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Within the program’s first three years, trainees will complete the American Board of Pathology (ABP) eligibility requirements for Anatomic Pathology-only or Clinical Pathology-only board certification. Up to six months of research is permitted during this time, with some flexibility in the scheduling of the clinical training and research elements. Trainees take the primary certification examination in the spring of the third year of clinical training as soon as ABP training requirements are completed. This will be followed by two years of research and one year of subspecialty fellowship training. Trainees also apply for membership in the Clinical Scholars Program. During the research years, trainees participate in activities related to their subspecialty interest, including weekly conferences and meetings
'''Program Highlights'''
* Length of Program: Normal Years; Research Track years (if different)
* Number of protected research months:
* Overall Size: Total Students; Students Per Year
* Research Track Size: Total Students; Students Per Year
* Separate NRMP Code for Research Pathway: Yes/No
* Research Opportunities: (Department Only vs. Campus Wide)
* Benefits:
* Career Development Opportunities: Types of mentorship, grant writing/funding opportunities, Additional funds for conferences requiring travel, etc
* Job Placement: (Percent in Academic/Private/Industry/Other)
* Funding success: (K-awards, R-awards, F-awards, etc)
'''Program Tracks'''

If applicable list research tracks (ie Pathology has AP/CP, AP only, CP only)

'''Pertinent Fellowships'''

If applicable, please list clinical fellowships available at your institution that incorporate research as a core element of their training plan.
== Contact Information ==
* PTSP Director: Kenneth E. Bernstein, M.D, []
* Residency Director: Sumire Kitahara, M.D., []
* Resiency Director: Kevin Waters, MD, PhD, [mailto;]
* Program Email: []
* Program Website: [ CSMS Pathology PTSP]
* Telephone: 310-423-7562

== References ==
[ CSMS Pathology PTSP]

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