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Stanford Ophthalmology Advanced Research Residency Program

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Please noteFor residents who would like to develop and maintain an active research program throughout residency, this page is still under construction. If you have any questionsthe department will sponsor a pre-residency research year, please do not hesitate typically after the intern year and prior to contact us here:  [http://www.physicianscientistsinitiating their first of three years of clinical ophthalmology Contact Us]
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== Program Description ==
Short description of your Participants will establish a research programunder faculty mentorship and supervision and will be able to continue their research throughout their residency.<!-- A short description of your Financial support for the extra year and for research resources throughout the subsequent clinical years will be provided by the department in collaboration with the successful applicant, at a level commensurate with research resource needs from the candidate and the mentor. It is expected that this will allow the successful SOAR resident to initiate a research program that, while still benefiting from mentorship, will lead to their independent research program as a junior faculty member following clinical training. It is further expected that this programwill accelerate their readiness to compete for faculty positions and NIH and other funding. -->
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== Application Process ==
Short description of the application processInterested candidates typically express their interest in SOAR Program during fall ophthalmology residency interviews. If selected, including information on successful candidates withdraw from the interview day(s)SF Match program, supplemental application (if any)but continue to internship, planning their research gap year between internship and other specific information related to the research pathway applicationclinical residency years.
== Program Information ==
* Year 1 – Internship, reenter match cycle with guaranteed match following research gap year. During this year, work to establish research and mentorship plan.
* Year 2 – Research year at Stanford.
* Year 3-5 – Ophthalmology clinical residency with elective time throughout for research continuity.
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'''Program Highlights'''
* Length of Program: Normal Years; Research Track years (if different)
If applicable, please list clinical fellowships available at your institution that incorporate research as a core element of their training plan.
== Contact Information ==
* Program Director: NameSuzann Pershing, []* Program Administrator: NameMD, MS, []* Program Email: []* Program Website: [ My Institute's websiteophthalmology/education/residency-program.html Stanford Ophthalmology Residency]* Telephone: * Address: Name; Street; City, State, zipCode
== References ==
<references [http:/>/ Stanford Ophthalmology Residency]

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