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University of Colorado ABIM

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The goal of the Program is to optimize clinical training and academic career development during the residency period, while linking trainees with subspecialty programs and mentors, to most effectively develop creative, independent and successful physicians who will become academic leaders in their chosen area of biomedical investigation (basic, translational, clinical or population sciences).
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| specialty = TypeMedicine| hospital_affiliation = HospitalUniversity of Colorado Health| academic_affiliation = Universityof Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus| established = 2011
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| director = Arthur Gutierrez-Hartmann, MD| director_email = []
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| administrator =Ms. Mary Meadows| administrator_email =[]| program_email = []| current_trainees=8| trainees_per_year=1-3
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| nrmp_number =1076140C2
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The University of Colorado Internal Medicine Residency Program has a long history of developing outstanding physician-scientists who become academic leaders. The Department remains very committed to developing and nurturing the careers of future academicians in all areas of biomedical investigation, from bench to bedside to population sciences. Our new Anschutz Medical Campus, coupled with the Colorado Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (CCTSI), and the Comprehensive Colorado Cancer Center, provide an outstanding, state-of-the-art environment for trainees to obtain clinical and research training. The Physician-Scientist Training Program (PSTP) has been established to formalize this academic training pathway, while providing flexible and individualized training plans, in order to optimize the career success of each trainee. To this end, the PSTP provides linked admission to the categorical IM Residency Program and to the Subspecialty Fellowship Program of the trainee’s choice contingent upon excellent performance during residency training. The PSTP focuses on providing superb clinical training, provides academic career mentoring and advising throughout the combined residency/fellowship training period and into independence, and for eligible candidates, incorporates the “short-track” ABIM Research Pathway option. We seek candidates who have excellent clinical judgment, who are highly committed to an academic career, and who have substantive and productive prior research experience (eg, MD/PhD trainees and MD-only students with research experience either before or during medical school in a year-out program). The PSTP is directed by Arthur Gutierrez-Hartmann, MD, Professor of Medicine and of Biochemistry & Molecular Genetics, and Director, Medical Scientist Training Program.
== Program Information ==
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*Linked match to the Categorical Internal Medicine Residency Training Program and the Subspecialty Fellowship Program of interest.
*A training supplement for journal subscriptions or travel to meetings will be provided to each PSTP trainee during the residency period.
*Complete (3-yr) or “short-track” ABIM (2-yr) residency training options will be tailored to the abilities and needs of each candidate.
*Flexible clinical schedules and opportunities for research rotations with subspecialty mentors will be provided.
*Trainees will be able to choose research fellowship mentors from a broad pool, including subspecialty faculty, and approved basic science and public health faculty, at Anschutz Medical Campus (AMC), Veterans Administration Medical Center (VAMC), Denver Health Medical Center (DHMC), and National Jewish Health Center (NJH).
*Monthly sessions addressing key elements of academic success: eg, how to choose a mentor, how to choose a research question, how to write an Aims page, how to present at a national meeting, and what are the key grant writing issues in the various NIH funding mechanisms will be coordinated by Dr. Gutierrez-Hartmann.
*Continuous mentorship and advising on optimizing academic career development, from residency to fellowship to independence, will be a key feature of the Program.
*Of particular importance, the PSTP will establish a community of highly-driven, ambitious, creative and independent clinical investigators who can interact, collaborate and continue to help each other as they progress through their careers.
*Applicants with evidence of strong clinical judgment and a substantive and productive research background, often with a prior Ph.D.
*Applicants with a clear and unwavering commitment to and potential for academic research careers in a subspecialty area.
We will only sponsor J1 visas through ECFMG for PSTP.
Application process: (e.g. email program director, or formally through the match process)
Application and Interview Process
Applicants interested in applying to the PSTP should apply via ERAS to NRMP 1076140C2. Once invited for an interview, candidates should submit (1) Letters from previous research mentor(s), if not submitted with the ERAS application; and (2) Area(s) of subspecialty interest and names of interest faculty who might serve as research mentors, so that appropriate interviews with fellowship program(s) can be arranged at the time of residency interviews.
'''Program Highlights'''
* Length of Program: Normal / Research Track (if different)

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