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University of Colorado ABIM

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We will only sponsor J1 visas through ECFMG for PSTP.
<!--- Application process: (e.g. email program director, or formally through the match process)---> '''Application and Interview Process''' 
Applicants interested in applying to the PSTP should apply via ERAS to NRMP 1076140C2. Once invited for an interview, candidates should submit (1) Letters from previous research mentor(s), if not submitted with the ERAS application; and (2) Area(s) of subspecialty interest and names of interest faculty who might serve as research mentors, so that appropriate interviews with fellowship program(s) can be arranged at the time of residency interviews.
<!--- '''Program Highlights'''
* Length of Program: Normal / Research Track (if different)
* Number of protected research months:
If applicable list research tracks (ie Pathology has AP/CP, AP only, CP only)
== Contact Information ==
* Program Director: Arthur Gutierrez-Hartmann, MD, []
* Program Administrator: Ms. Mary Meadows, []
* Program Email: []
* Program Website: [ UC ABIM website]
* Telephone: (303) 724-1784
* Address: 12631 E 17th Ave; B177 Academic Office One 8th floor, Rm 8411; Aurora, CO 80045
== Contact Information ==
* Program Director: Name, []
* Program Administrator: Name, []
* Program Email: []
* Program Website: [ My Institute's website]
* Telephone:
* Address: Name; Street; City, State, zipCode
== References ==
<references />

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