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Oregon Health and Sciences Radiation Oncology

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<!-- Program type, Radiation Medicine, Pathology, Pediatrics, etc -->| specialty = TypeRadiation Medicine| hospital_affiliation = HospitalOregon Health & Science University| academic_affiliation = Oregon Health & Science University
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== Program Description ==
Short description Our program has a broad and flexible research focus that includes health services and outcomes-based research, clinical and translational research, as well as basic science research opportunities within the greater OHSU community. Our goal is to provide an opportunity to garner a meaningful research experience during the critical years of your programpostgraduate residency training. <!-- A short description of your program. -->
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'''Program Highlights'''
* Length of Program: Normal / Research Track (if different)4 years* Number of protected research months:* Overall Size: Total / Per YearTwo residents per year with a full complement of 6 residents
* Research Track Size: Total /Per Year
* Separate NRMP Code for Research Pathway: Yes/No

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