Stanford Pediatrics Residency Program Physician Scientist Track

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Stanford University
Specialty Pediatrics
Hospital affiliation(s)
Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford
Academic affiliation
Stanford School of Medicine
Established Categorical Pediatrics Residency established in 1927
Director Rebecca Blankenburg, MD, MPH
Director email
Carrie Johnson or Michelle Brooks
Administrator email or
Program email
Current trainees
Trainees per year
4 Physician Scientist positions per year
Location Palo Alto, California, United States of America
Website Stanford Pediatrics Residency - Physician Scientist Track
Telephone 650.497.8979
NRMP Number

Program Description

The Stanford Pediatrics Residency Physician Scientist Track is designed to encourage and support physician-scientists on their research paths. This track includes MD/PhD residents and categorical residents who have had extensive prior research experience. This program allows research-focused residents to have dedicated funding for a Stanford fellowship. At Stanford, we have a track record of cultivating and fostering the careers of physician scientists. We offer this additional match for applicants interested in a research intensive career. Both the Physician Scientist Track (4 positions/year) and Categorical Track are available to research intensive residency candidates and applicants may apply to both.

Program Information

Program Highlights

  • Length of Program: 3
  • Number of protected research months: 5-11 months
  • Overall Size: 12
  • Research Track Size: 6
  • Separate NRMP Code for Research Pathway: 1820320C1
  • Research Opportunities: Yes
  • Benefits: We offer competitive benefits such as a housing stipend, medical and dental insurance, moving stipend, educational allowance.
  • Career Development Opportunities:
  1. Dedicated Associate Program Director for track
  2. Membership in the Stanford Society of Pediatric Scholars (SSPS) ( - Created by the Office of the Dean in 2010 to support the academic development of residents and fellows from clinical departments across the School of Medicine. SSPS aims to create opportunities that connect trainees to the broader Stanford Medicine community and facilitate their pathway from residency and fellowship to academic careers.
  3. Monthly Meetings for Physician Scientist residents and fellows - Community building, career development, research methodology, funding, research resources
  4. Mentorship for K and F32 awards

Research Curriculum

Program Tracks

Residents in the Physician Scientist Track can choose from three different potential schedules:

  • Categorical Pathway: 3 years residency with 5 months research/elective time
  • Integrated Research Pathway (IRP): 3 years residency + 3 years fellowship; allows for 11 months of research during residency
  • Accelerated Research Pathway (ARP): 2 years residency + 4 years fellowship; includes 2 months of electives during residency and allows for an extra year of research during fellowship

Research Funding

  • Mary Leonard Physician Scientist Track Grants ($10,000 individual grant per resident) - application cycle twice per year
  • May apply for bigger grants
  • Funding for Conferences (available to all residents)
  • Travel Grants (up to $2,000) for presenting at conference if submit first draft of paper
  • Funding is guaranteed for all 3 years of fellowship if applicant is accepted into a Stanford fellowship position

Pertinent Fellowships

We offer fellowship training opportunities in many advanced pediatric subspecialties. Please visit Office of Pediatric Education Fellowship Programs to learn more about specific fellowships. (

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