Brigham and Womens Internal Medicine

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Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Specialty Internal Medicine
Hospital affiliation(s)
Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Academic affiliation
Harvard Medical School
Established 1980
Director Joel Katz, MD
Director email
Associate director
Rebecca Baron, MD
Associate director email
Mara De Oliveira
Administrator email
Program email
Current trainees
Trainees per year
Location Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America
Website BWH Residency Homepage
Telephone (617) 732-5775
NRMP Number
Several, see main page

Program Description

At Brigham and Women's "the vast majority of the Brigham residents participate in research during residency"[1], and the program offers many opportunities for future physician-scientists.

The program offers a special track for physician-scientists, the Science in Residency Track, which offers a schedule with multiple research experiences for those who envision a career in biomedical research.

Program Information

Program Highlights

  • Length of Program: Three Years with or without Research track
  • Amount of protected research time:
    • PGY2: Two week structured research course, 2 weeks to explore mentors or work in a lab.
    • PGY3: Minimum 1 month
  • Overall Size: 185


  • Trainees Per Year: 40 categorical,  12 Primary Care (2 separate tracks), 4 Med-Peds, and ~18 preliminary (intern year only)  
  • Separate NRMP Code for Research Pathway: No, it is entered into in October of the PGY1 year
  • NRMP Codes
    • Categorical - 1265140C0
    • Preliminary - 1265140P0
    • Preliminary Neurology - 1265140P1
    • DGM Primary Care - 1265140M0
    • HVMA Primary Care - 1265140M1
    • Medicine - Pediatrics - 1265700C0
  • Career Development Opportunities: End-of-Year Symposium, Semi-annual dinners to discuss research with invited physician-scientists, Formalized mentoring system, PGY3: Minimum 1-month protected time

Contact Information


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