Cincinnati Children's Hospital Pediatric Residency Research Program

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Cincinnati Children's Hospital Pediatric Residency Research Program
Specialty Pediatrics
Hospital affiliation(s)
Cincinnati Children's Hospital
Director Kathryn A. Wikenheiser-Brokamp, M.D./Ph.D.
Location Cincinnati, Ohio, United States of America
Website Pediatric Residency Research Program

Program Description

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center is strongly committed to the career development of our trainees. We’ve been very successful in helping young physicians become productive and independently contributing investigators. Explore opportunities with us for pediatric research.

Outstanding Support Capabilities: Our investigators are experts in the areas of clinical, translational, and basic science research. Underlying basic science themes include developmental biology, the study of normal and altered growth, and differentiation of tissues.

The Research Foundation has put core support capabilities in place for both basic and clinical research that will allow young investigators to successfully engage in projects, with or without extensive research experience. These core capabilities include: •Transgenic mouse facility •Protein analysis •Morphologic assessment •Bioinformatics •Genomics •Proteomics •State-of-the-art animal facility •Imaging research facility •Biostatistics section •Clinical effectiveness research capability •Epidemiologic expertise •An NIH-funded Clinical Research Center •An academic research organization that facilitates pharmacologic clinical trials and other studies involving human subjects

Research Opportunities: If you’re interested in an academic career and research experience (basic science, clinical, education), you will be paired with a faculty mentor and will be encouraged to develop an individualized curriculum. This will allow you to become an excellent clinician and maintain your research skills. A unique Research in Residency program has been created to facilitate resident research and acquisition of funding.

ABP-APPROVED PATHWAYS: In addition to the individualized Research in Residency Pathway, residents also have the opportunity to pursue an intensive research pathway through the American Board of Pediatrics: The Integrated Research Pathway and the Accelerated Research Pathway. For more information, visit the following page with the American Board of Pediatrics:

Program Information

Program Highlights

  • Length of Program: Normal Years: 3; Research Track Years: 2-3; Support American Board of Pediatrics Integrated Research Pathway (3 years including 12 months research) and Accelerated Research Pathway (2 years) as well as Research in Residency Pathway (3 years including 6 months research)
  • Number of protected research months: 5-12 months
  • Separate NRMP Code for Research Pathway: No

Program Tracks

Support American Board of Pediatrics Integrated Research Pathway and Accelerated Research Pathway as well as unique Research in Residency Pathway

Pertinent Fellowships

Please see our Office of Pediatric Clinical Fellowships website for available clinical fellowships that incorporate research as a core element of their training plan.CCHMC Pediatric Clinical Fellowships

Contact Information


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