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Creating your page

Please contact us if you are interested in us creating a page for you.

If you are familiar with Mediawiki and would like to set one up yourself, please copy and paste the contents of this Template. When we create your page, we will populate the information box that appears on the right side of the page. Please include in your email as much of the below information as possible. This information should refer to the research pathway rather than the overall residency program. At the bottom of this page we have a number of tutorials to help you personalize your page's information.

Information to include when contacting us for a new page

Basic Institutional Information

Name of institution

Program type (Medicine, Pathology, Pediatrics, etc)

Hospital Affiliation

Academic Affiliation

Established Date 

Director and contact information


Director Email 

Associate Director 

Associate Director Email 

Program Administrator

Program Administrator Email

Program Email 

Program Information

Current Trainees

Trainees Per Year



Logo (This is an image if you would like to include one)







NRMP Number (Please indicate if this is specifically for the research pathway or for the overall program)

Creating and editing your page

We have created a number of tutorials that describe how to register for an account, edit your program page, and how to add photos and other media. In addition, you can sign up to watch your program page to be notified of any changes.