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The Clinician-Investigator Training Program (CI) at the Mayo Clinic reflects the longstanding dedication of the Clinic to the advancement of human health and the application of scientific expertise to the challenges of human disease. The Mayo Clinic invites all prospective physician-scientists to consider the CI for residency and fellowship training. Several tracks are available, including direct entry as an Internal Medicine intern, entry as a PGY-2 Internal Medicine resident, and entry as a PGY-2 resident in any other postgraduate speciality or subspecialty training program at the Mayo Clinic.

Mayo Clinic Clinician-Investigator Training Program
Specialty Medicine, Multidisciplinary
Hospital affiliation(s)
Mayo Clinic
Academic affiliation
Mayo Clinic
Established 1980
Director William A. Faubion, MD
Director email
Missy Voth
Administrator email
Location Rochester, Minnesota, United States of America
Website Mayo Clinic CI
Telephone 507-538-0969
NRMP Number
1328140C1 (Clinician-Investigator)

Internal Medicine and General Program Description

The CI at Mayo Clinic is a prime example of the dedication of the Mayo Clinic to the advancement of biomedical and translational research. The CI has almost 40 years of history of training outstanding physician-scientists across all specialties of medicine, with the largest component of the program being internal medicine. The program provides 2 years of uninterrupted research training, most often occurring between residency and fellowship. The program is designed as a short track, with two years of internal medicine training followed by research and then fellowship training, which varies in length by subspecialty. Mentors are available from any of the many research departments, centers, and institutes of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. Graduates of the program will be well-prepared for successful careers in academic medicine and will be the future leaders of medicine and science. Trainees in the program have undertaken research across the spectrum of medical science, from basic research to disease-oriented research to patient-oriented research.

There are two tracks available to interested candidates. Three positions are available each year through the NRMP, and these candidates will enter the CI as PGY-1 interns (Internal Medicine match track). Two positions are available to PGY-2 residents in medicine who will be selected before the commencement of their PGY-3 year and will begin research training following PGY-2 (PGY-2 Internal Medicine track).

For those trainees who are interested in structured training leading to a degree (PhD, masters) or certificate as part of their graduate medical education, the Mayo Clinic also offers several options through the Mayo Center for Clinical and Translational Science (CCaTS)[1].

Other Specialties and Subspecialties

Prospective residents and fellows of programs other than internal medicine are encouraged to consider the CI. Four positions are offered annually to internal residents and fellows in the second year of their clinical training program. Other than the different starting time, the program is similar in structure to that of the two Internal Medicine tracks.

Application Process: Internal Medicine match track

Applicants should select the CI NRMP number in ERAS. No supplemental application is required, but successful applicants will have a demonstrated record of research excellence and dedication. The interview day will take place over two days (Monday and Tuesday) and provide an opportunity to meet with members of the Internal Medicine selection committee as well as potential research mentors and members of subspecialty fellowship and division leadership. The interview days will include rounding with a team at the Mayo Clinic hospital, dinner with current Internal Medicine residents, and dinner with CI pathway trainees and recent alumni. There are dedicated interview days for CI.

Candidates invited for an interview will be asked to submit a brief paragraph outlining their specific research experience and state subspecialty interests to the program coordinator. The CI interview will constitute the interview for the subspecialty.

Application Process: other tracks

Interested trainees should contact the program director for more information.

Program Information

Program Highlights

  • Length of Program: 6-7 years depending on subspecialty (if short-tracking)
  • Number of protected research months: 2-3 years
  • Overall Size: 52 categorical interns per class, of which 3 interns per year are CI Internal Medicine match track, plus 26 preliminary interns
  • Research Track Size: 3 CI trainees per year (Internal Medicine match track); 2 CI trainees per year (PGY-2 Internal Medicine track); 4 CI trainees per year (other specialties)
  • Separate NRMP Code for Research Pathway: Yes, 1328140C1
  • Research Opportunities: Campus-wide (Rochester, MN)
  • Benefits: Significant travel support (up to $1750 + registration fees per trip, limit of 5 trips per year or $14,000 total expenditures) and dedicated time for conference travel (up to 10 weekdays per year to present); three "attendanceships" (travel to a meeting where one is not presenting) across the CI training period
  • Career Development Opportunities: Regular mentorship meetings with your supervising mentor and the program director. Regular opportunities to interact with and learn from senior physician-scientists who are invited to speak at Mayo and to CI trainees. Clinician-investigator seminar series combining basic science and clinical medicine

Program Tracks

  • Internal Medicine match: join the program as a newly-matched intern
  • PGY-2 Internal Medicine: join the program during the PGY-2 Internal Medicine year
  • PGY-2 other specialties: join the program during the second year of their specialty or subspecialty training program (other than Internal Medicine)

Pertinent Fellowships

All fellowships at the Mayo Clinic participate. Note that for the Internal Medicine tracks, some specialties (e.g. ID) require trainees to apply through ERAS and the NRMP even though fellowship match is guaranteed.

Contact Information


  1. Mayo CCaTS Education