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=== Neurology ===
The Department of Neurology has a long history of educational and scientific excellence and is the third oldest department of neurology in the US<ref>[ About the Neurology Residency Program]</ref>. The department has created the Clinical Neuroscientist Program<ref>[ Clinical Neuroscientist Training Program]</ref> within the Neurology residency program (NRMP 1203180C0), and these trainees also participate in the PSTP. The program has seen 1-3 residents enter per year in recent years, out of 8 residents in the overall program. The structure of the program includes 12 months of elective research time during the 48 month residency, where time is protected save for continuity clinic and call. Following clinical training, the program guarantees funding for up to two years of additional scientific research. Interested trainees should contact the residency education coordinator, Coronda Lee ([]), and the Associate Residency Director Kumar Narayanan, MD, PhD ([]) during the application process.
=== Pathology ===

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